Congregational Services

Reaching Out With God’s Love

Lutheran Family Service (LFS) equips individuals and communities with Christ-centered, life-changing tools, resources, and hope to meet the challenges they are facing.

Lutheran Family Service Congregational Service tools and presentations are developed with thoughtful research and care reflective of the current culture and societal landscape. Begin your partnership with LFS today, and bring these incredible resources to your congregation and community!

Available Presentations

Download a one-page overview of Lutheran Family Service – Congregational Services and available presentations here.


• Embryo Rescue Through Adoption
• Physician Assisted Suicide


• Kids & Grief
• Tech-Safe Families
• Parenting A Special Needs Child
• Culture & Media-Wise Parenting
• Parenting In An Unchristian World
• Relationship-Based Parenting
• Keeping Baptismal Promises


• Building On Blessings In Marriage
• Strength Training For Marriage
• Marriage & Money
• Why Marriages Fail
• Surviving Divorce
• Pastoral Discernment Counseling

YOUTH – Whose UR

• Identity & Self Esteem
• Dating In The Right Direction
• Social Media
• Drama & Friendships


• Caring For People In Crisis
• Assertive Communication
• Transitioning Through Life Stages
• Depression & Aging
• Talking About Suicide
• Mental Health & Well-Being
• Depression
• Anxiety
• Grief
• PTSD & Trauma
• Substance Abuse & Addition

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The presentation and discussion changed my perception of physician assisted suicide. It really opened my eyes to the value of life at all stages.

- Tyler